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A Gentleman’s Guide to Manicures

A Gentleman’s Guide to Manicures

By: Aysha Schurman

Getting manicures may sound a little silly to some men, but keeping your nails groomed is just common courtesy to every hand you shake or shoulder you caress. There are many salons and shops that offer more manly kinds of manicures that exclude the scented lotion or bright polish.

Men’s manicures are more about cleaning and trimming the nails than they are about creating mini art at the tip of each finger. Not only will your hands look better after a manicure, they’ll also feel better. Trimming ripped cuticles and smoothing jagged nails results in less annoying cuticle tears, hangnails and accidental gouges.

Start your manicure by soaking your hands in some warm, soapy water for about ten minutes. Use a nailbrush and scrub your hands well, making sure to get the dirt from under your nails, dead skin off your nail beds and gunk from your hands. Pat your hands dry.

Use an orange stick or cuticle stick to push back overgrown cuticles. Carefully trim the dead skin from around your nail and rinse your hands if needed. Use a file to smooth the nail tips over. Try to create a natural oval, or oval with a flat top, shape with your nails. If you feel odd filing your nails, just remember that it helps make you look clean and tidy.

Once your cuticles are trimmed and nails are filed, it’s time to use some moisturizer. Hand lotion creates healthier skin that heals much more quickly than dry skin does. It promotes healthy nail and cuticle growth, as well as helps strengthen nails.

Lather the lotion on and rub it into your hands and forearms well. Make sure to moisturize everything, from the palm of your hand to the cuticles around the side of your nails. Let the lotion sit on your skin for as long as possible, and avoid washing your hands for at least an hour after application.

Though you can easily perform a manicure at home, there’s a real benefit in going to a salon. If nothing else, professional manicures can include a wonderful hand massage. Hands are so used to being tired and sore that most people don’t even notice. But once you experience a relaxing hand rub and realize how good it feels, you’ll probably be hooked.

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